A couple in love embark on a romantic journey through Colorado, accompanied by their dog and their cat.

Let’s meet Cynthia and John, a couple of young people in love who have decided to take a romantic trip to Colorado. The adoptive dog Henry and the cat Baloo, are the animals that accompany the youngsters on this journey.

Cynthia Bennett, a pet advocate, infected her friend John with her love of abandoned animals. Young people dreamed of picking up a golden retriever from a dog shelter. But when they saw Henry, who happened to be the biggest puppy in the shelter, they fell in love with him.

Henry reciprocated Cynthia’s affection. When the girl hugged him, he reached out and licked her cheek, then rested his head on the girl’s shoulder and rolled onto his back. Place a warm and soft belly to caress it.

This behavior changed the initial plans of the young men. It was mutual love at first sight. Cynthia was overwhelmed and fascinated by the puppy’s behavior and the choice of boys leaning towards Henry.

A few days after Cynthia brought Henry home, the pup left with the youngsters for his first trip to the « homeland ». The pup explored his surroundings with genuine curiosity and climbed a small rock to get a better view of the surroundings.

At one point, the dog, which had arrived at the very edge of the rock in the light of the setting sun, looked like a brave mountain goat. The children, fascinated by what they saw, began to call their dog on this trip – the brave mountain goat.

Recently, Cynthia and John decided to adopt another animal from the shelter for their home and their travels. This time, the foster family turned out to be a half-breed kitten, nicknamed Baloo. The puppy and kitten quickly hit it off and became friends.

Today, animals not only sleep, eat and play together, but they also travel together with their owners. And Baloo adapted to do it on Henry so his legs wouldn’t get tired.

So not only the dog has to carry a common load when traveling, but also the cunning Baloo. But the dog is only too happy with this way of traveling.

After all, in addition to an experienced navigator and a navigator on his head, the dog has « soft heating » on the back of his neck in the form of a « warm collar », which constantly purrs in his ear and tells Balu interesting feline stories.

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