A Dog Came To A Weird Couple’s Wedding And Stayed With Them Forever

In general, it is the bride and groom who attract the most attention at a wedding. But sometimes their glory is stolen by unexpected guests. This is the case of the Brazilian couple Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert.

A dog suddenly arrived at the wedding party and instantly won their hearts. First, the dog sat at the entrance to the church and waited with all the guests for the arrival of Tamiris and Douglas.

As soon as the couple arrived, the ponytail jumped out of his seat and ran towards the car the bride was in. As the wedding ceremony unfolded, the dog continued to lay on the carpet outside the church. When the newlyweds walked out, the shaggy-haired guest began to greet them happily.

That’s when Tamiris said, « I want to take him home. » writes Bored Panda. The couple couldn’t take the dog home right away because he had to go to a wedding party.

After the banquet, the husband and wife could not forget the nice dog and went to find him. With help from concerned people on social media, the couple was able to see him lying outside the cafe.

The pooch was very happy to meet them, but he was even happier when he realized they were taking him home. Tamiris and Douglas named their new pet Brya Caramelo de Jesus.

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