A dog ran the hundred meters and almost broke the record

A dog decided to run the hundred meters with people and became an internet star. The dog was bored and decided to stretch his legs a bit. A funny incident happened in Utah, USA. A dog called Holly escaped from her owners, who were sitting on the grandstand, and ran one hundred meters with the athletes.

On the video, we can see that the dog did not join the race immediately, but quickly outdistanced all the competitors and arrived first at the finish line. Interestingly, the dog finished the 100 meter race in 10.5 seconds, one second less than Usain Bolt’s record.

The winner, however, was still Gracie Laney, who was in the lead, but Holly won the people’s choice. And not so long ago, a video was published with a dog playing football as well as professional players, and maybe even better.

In any case, he defends the door very skilfully and spectacularly. We want to applaud him even sitting in front of the screen, because this dog is a real owner. « He was very cute, it was an unforgettable situation.

It should be noted that animals can indeed engage in unique activities. » Added one of the players.

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