A Dog Starved For A Week But Didn’t Give Up A Friend In Trouble

Scientists believe that friendship between animals is based either on maternal instinct or on mutual cooperation. However, there are many cases where an animal has sacrificed its own interests for the benefit of another, as was the case with two dogs living on the American island of Vashon.

Tilly the pooch and Phoebe the basset hound are very attached to each other, growing up in the same household and often playing together as puppies. Since the well was old, shallow, and dry, the dog had not suffered any injuries. There was only one problem – she had no way out.

When she saw that Phoebe was in trouble, Tilly decided to stay with her. She barked and howled, but no one could hear her because there was no shelter nearby – the situation seemed hopeless.

In the meantime, the concerned owners have contacted the rescue service. Volunteers scoured the island all week looking for the missing animals, but it turned out they were far from the ill-fated well.

Not expecting help on the spot, Tilly decided to act on her own. She ran to a nearby farm and tried to call for help. The farmer spotted the ginger dog in the field, which first approached him, then ran towards the forest.

The man did not follow him, however, but simply called the animal welfare office. Amy Carey of the Humane Society answered the call and immediately rushed to the scene.

She started searching the area and eventually heard Tilly barking in the woods. The two dogs were therefore rescued and returned to their owner. Despite a tough week, Phoebe and Tilly felt great, even though they were very hungry.

Fortunately, it was raining a lot at that time and the dogs were not thirsty, quenching their thirst with water from the puddles. So the story ended safely and the friends are now at home, warm and cozy.

As Tilly’s act of not leaving her friend distressed shows, dog feelings are much more complicated than we imagine. Tilly saved Phoebe’s life thanks to her loyalty because if she had returned home, it is unlikely that the rescuers would have found her friend in time.

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