A dog was transformed

A dog was about to be euthanized when Chelsea Elizabeth Cossert saw her picture online. Clementine was skinny, and the staff at Ginger’s Pet Rescue didn’t think she would survive or anyone would take her in.

But as soon as Chelsea saw a picture of the poor dog, it touched her heart and the girl applied for ‘adoption’. The girl from Ginger’s Pet Rescue was shocked and even cried because my family and I were interested in Clementine.

The girl was prepared for any difficulties and wanted to help her new pet in any way. When Chelsea sees Clementine for the first time. The only people the dog trusted were the other dogs in the family, Moose, and Maple. She often spent time with them, playing and running in the yard.

Now ClĂ©mentine likes to look us in the eye when we caress her, and she listens attentively when we talk to her. She is always wary of new people and sometimes scares us if we go too fast or approach her from behind. But still, she has come a long way, – The owner shared.

Clementine has changed beyond recognition, not only on the outside but also on the inside. But above all, the dog now feels safe. She trusts her owners and, like all domesticated dogs, she loves to lie at their feet and offer her belly to be scratched.

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