A fisherman became a victim of a shark. His own fists helped him escape

Jackson Howson, from Perth, Australia, was fishing with his girlfriend when he was attacked by a gray bull shark, one of the most dangerous aquatic predators.

Escaping this ferocious fish was no easy task at all, but the Aussie’s fists helped him. He was able to punch the shark in the face, knocking it out briefly, giving it time to reach the boat.

But the predator managed to injure the boy by biting him violently in the leg. When Jackson got into the boat, his girlfriend, not really knowing how to use the boat, tried to bring the injured man to shore.

Additionally, the Mirror reports that Jackson and his girlfriend met two other fishermen, who called an ambulance and helped pull the injured Australian from the boat.

Doctors treated Jackson’s wound and took him to the Perth Royal Infirmary where he operated. also, the boy is still in the hospital and is gradually recovering from the shark attack. He now feels well and is looking forward to returning to his hobby of fishing.

« It’s extraordinary. I’m very happy to have a second life. It should be noted that life is very short. I think you have to enjoy every moment. » said Jackson.

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