A hungry cat rang the doorbell several times asking for food

The actions of animals can sometimes surprise even the least impressed person – they clearly show logic in everyday life. In Korea, for example, a hungry outdoor cat starts ringing the doorbell of an apartment in a multi-story building, looking for food.

And he chose the apartment where he could find something to eat and where he would probably be welcomed. Was it by chance or thanks to the ingenuity of the cat? Anyway, the black cat has come to the doorbell of the animal-loving Korean family.

Hearing the doorbell, the woman opens the door, but there is only a black cat on the doorstep. The owner wouldn’t let her in, she loved animals, but they already had a pet, a white spitz called Thor.

Later, when the owner went for a walk with Thor, the doorbell rang again. The mysterious visitor even turned the doorknob from the outside, and the husband opened the door apprehensively, thinking that it might be thieves.

However, his fears were unfounded, the same black cat was still sitting in the hallway. The husband invited him in, and the cat immediately went to the kitchen, where he found food in the bowls of the owner’s spitz. The fed cat enthusiastically played with the man and got out.

The next day, the situation repeats itself and the cat rings the doorbell again. The couple was not against taking in the cat but feared for their pet, Thor the spitz dog, who had a bad temper. The dog was not happy and barked at the cat.

However, the problem slowly resolved and the dog gradually got used to the cat. The family then kept the cat as a pet, which was better than having to constantly run around and open the door for him – and the number of calls could sometimes reach 20 a day.

The street cat’s persistence and ingenuity enabled it to find a new home.

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