A little rabbit chewed on his mistress’s goods of Louis Vuitton

A little rabbit has very specific tastes – he wants to taste all good and expensive things. The pet’s British owner complains the animal managed to gnaw on her designer bags and shoes.

Sarah Goulding, 35, has revealed that her pet rabbit likes to gnaw on expensive items. The animal, named Binks, therefore managed to try on branded items worth ÂŁ2,000 (over ÂŁ70,000).

According to the owner, Binks gnawed on Louis Vuitton designer bags, luxury sneakers, and even his hair. What do we know about ornamental bunnies?

These rabbits are kept as pets. They are very friendly and not afraid of humans like their wild relatives. Like most rodents, rabbits have constantly growing teeth that need to be ground down. Their owners buy them special chalk or minerals for this purpose.

Golling revealed that Binks ate a bag of ÂŁ500. According to the owner, the bunny, which cost her ÂŁ60, caused irreparable damage to her wallet.

He chews on everything – my clothes, my trainers, anything he can get his teeth into – even my hair extensions. It’s a real nightmare, but I love him terribly, – said the woman.

Fortunately, I saw the funny side of the thing. I was not upset about it, because it is a strange story that will be remembered with pleasure, – remarked the woman.

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