A man went abroad and brought back his furry friend instead of a magnet

A cat called Mogli was born on the street and would probably have stayed there for the rest of his life had he not one day met a man called Martin Klauka who had traveled to North Africa from Germany with friends.

The man had no intention of having pets because he traveled too often. But when an emaciated little cat with a damaged tail approached him, he couldn’t let him outside.

Martin carried the kitten in the hood of his sweatshirt all day and smuggled him into his hotel room at night. He wasn’t sure about keeping the animal, but he decided to think about it tomorrow morning.

Although the cat was initially wary of the bike, he got used to it in just half an hour, which helped Martin make the final decision to « adopt » the stray crumb. Now Martin and Mogli always travel together.

When they travel, the traveling feline settles into a special bag securely attached to the motorcycle and looks around curiously. In crowded public places, Mogli sits on her two-legged daddy’s shoulder, while at campsites she roams freely in the field or sleeps.

Traveling with a cat can be very unpredictable and difficult, but despite this, Martin has absolutely no regrets about taking his beloved pet everywhere with him.

« I’m happy with my life and I’m also happy to have now Mogli, who is always ready for an adventure, »- admits the owner of Mogli.

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