A Russian kitten with a human face won over people all over the world

It is well known that the so-called « viral reaction » often occurs on the internet, when people notice something unusual, funny, beautiful, or, conversely, ugly. Active discussions and reposts ensue and the object of attention becomes a celebrity.

This is what happened with the photos of the kitten, which recently received great attention from all over the world. Users decided that there was something resembling a human face in the kitten’s facial expression.

It turned out to be a Maine Coon kitten born near Moscow. Tatiana, the owner of the cattery, has been raising Coons for 16 years. This « baby » is called Valkyrie, and she took on the best features of her parents.

His massive chin, thick fur, and large ears, combined with an expressive gaze, are truly reminiscent of the serious and thoughtful gaze of the man. Western forum users admit that this look is a little intimidating and, at the same time, seductive.

This is definitely a kitten, very unusual and somewhat mystical! Some even think Valkyrie looks like a little werewolf. Valkyrie’s brother is undoubtedly handsome too, but he didn’t have that much « humanity » in his appearance.

The Maine Coon is perhaps one of the most mysterious, alluring, and beautiful cat breeds, which won’t be for everyone. But those who know these cats are not ready to exchange them for another breed.

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