A woman found a small piece of stuffed animal in the street

In January of this year, New York resident Julie Turner was driving through her neighborhood when she noticed a small fluffy mass quivering on the side of the road, which turned out to be a pig.

It was very cold outside and the little creature desperately needed food and warmth. « I was heartbroken and couldn’t understand why anyone would abandon their animal to its fate. » – reminds Julie.

The guinea pig, who had probably stopped trusting people after being abandoned, pounced on Julie when she approached and fled into the forest. The woman tried to entice the animal with rodent treats, but it didn’t work.

The next day, she sought help from an employee of a local animal rescue center. He finally managed to catch the guinea pig, and Julie took him home. In the warmth and safety, the animal ate quietly and relaxed, then snuggled up to Julie, as if to say « thank you » for rescuing her.

After a few days, Julie began looking for a permanent home for her little guest, and soon a woman named Melissa came looking for him. She named the little furry boy Rufus and now he has a loving family who will never leave him unattended.

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