Abandoned dogs that fate has led to new loving owners

It’s unfortunate, but there are so many dogs on the streets who have been abandoned by their owners to their fate. But fortunately, there are also many cases where abandoned dogs have a chance and find new masters.

Today’s article tells the story of abandoned dogs who have found new homes.

1. I was on my way to work and noticed this dog looking at me expectantly and then she started wagging her tail. I couldn’t resist him and told him « come home, come live with me ».

2. She came to our garden and was looking out the window, my wife was in the kitchen and was also looking out the window and she saw this cute little dog who immediately won her heart. Since that day, he has become the newest member of our family.

3. I got out of the car for a second to look at the tire, sat back down, and saw this stocky dog ​​sitting next to me.

At first, I was very angry and grumbled because he got into my dirty car, but then looking at his eyes I thought I needed to feed the poor guy after all and since that day, he went to live with me, he really looks like me.

4. My wife and I were late for the bus, and when we got home, we saw this poor guy, who was lying on the bench, curled up in a ball. We approached him, and he was licking us with joy. Then my wife said, « The bus must have been late for him to join us. »

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