Animal rights activists saved a puppy from a terrible fate in China

This adorable puppy is called Mork Skywalker. He received such a nickname from the new owner due to his unusual appearance. Big eyes and long pointed ears – very reminiscent of Baby Yoda.

He, along with other animals, was saved from a terrible death in October last year by caring volunteers. A large truck with dogs, among which our hero was, was heading towards the Chinese meat market. Here, the poor animals faced a terrible fate.

But thanks to the swift action of the HarbinSHS organization, the lives of the poor animals were saved. The future owner of Mork – American Nikki Carvey, having seen his photo for the first time, realized that he should have this dog.

These huge little eyes and pointed ears will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, Nikki himself, however, is a volunteer of another organization – Roads. Mork was brought to LA last winter, where his new home is now. First, Carvey took his new pet to the vet.

The dog was severely emaciated and weighed no more than 5 kg. The vet gave her a special diet that included lentils and various additives.

The guy admitted that the dog is still extremely light and, on the recommendation of the doctor, he is fed four times a day in very small portions. However, Mork is not recovering: he has already gained some weight. According to the owner, he is an active and friendly dog.

What breed of Mork is not known for certain. It is probably a mix of pug and bulldog. But the dog owner is not going to find out about this problem and do some DNA testing. Mork has health issues that can be passed on to his offspring.

The animal has very developed jaws and breathing difficulties. The new owner does not even rule out the possibility of surgery, if necessary. Carvey doesn’t want a new friend’s children to suffer from the same problems, so he doesn’t plan on looking for a girlfriend for Mork.

Nikki has big plans for her dog. He hopes Mork will one day become a therapy dog ​​and travel to hospitals and nursing homes to help others heal!

This is how the life of a small dog, who was to be sent to the meat market in China, changed dramatically! Now he lives in love and caresses his new master. He even has his own Instagram account, where Nikki happily shares moments from her pet’s life.

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