The cat has been chasing after the cat for almost 2 years and now it has succeeded – they look like a real loving couple.

Not only people, but even some animals are sensitive to the beautiful feeling of love, in any case, our characters today, according to their owners, have exactly this high and pure feeling for each other.

Once upon a time, in a quiet American town, there was a red and white furry companion named Scotty. He was a pet, however, preferring to spend most of his time outdoors rather than indoors. He was seen walking all over the city, not limited to the area near his home.

But that all changed when a girl who also had a pet cat named Sophie bought a house not far from where Scotty lived. When the mistress first went outside to walk her stuffed princess on a leash, the cat Scottie was wandering somewhere alone, as if dumbfounded.

He stood at a distance and simply stared at the elegant cat. The cat, meanwhile, cast a fleeting glance at him, found nothing interesting in him, and paid no more attention.

Afterward, when his mistress took Sophie for a walk, the cat Scottie would appear so suddenly, as if he was watching them in advance. But he didn’t try to get to know her better – maybe he was shy, maybe he was scared.

Everything changed a few months later when Scotty finally found the courage to approach. He was quickly put in his place – Sophie still paid him no attention and stared at him like a blank space, and when he tried to sniff his nose, he quickly got a paw in the face, which didn’t bother him.

however, did not leave for good. Scotty was very persistent – he followed the cat wherever he went. After almost two years, Sophie finally started to reciprocate and today the two pets are a truly loving couple.

Although Sophie and Scottie live in separate houses, they are still together during the day. The cat is not allowed to go out alone, so he walks around the property without his master.

But this is not a problem for the cat: he visits his beloved every day and walks around the house with her. They rest together in the shade, frolic, do their coats, and, of course, sleep together. In the evening, Scotty goes home, and in the morning, it’s off again.

Oh, yes, they also kiss when they think no one can see them – that’s the kind of love.

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