A cat lost all four limbs in 40 degrees cold

A Russian veterinarian was the first in the world to perform a unique operation to save him. The story we are going to tell today, even though it happened a few years ago, is still so kind and cute that it deserves to be remembered even now.

This story is that of a cat and a man, who devotes himself to his favorite activity: rescuing animals. The life of Ryzhyk the Tomsk cat was quite ordinary until recently – he probably lived with people, until for some reason he found himself on the streets in winter.

The animal was not prepared for this and could not take care of itself. So he got into trouble pretty quickly: all four paws suffered severe frostbite during a walk in the freezing cold in January. In 99.9% of cases, such a situation is a death sentence for a cat, but Carrot-top was lucky.

First, the cat was lucky because passers-by happened to find it on the street and brought it to the veterinary clinic; secondly, he was lucky because he was delivered on time and his life was saved and even stabilized

although it was still difficult and he lost all his legs; finally, thirdly, the cat was lucky that a kind-hearted man, a real master of his craft, Novosibirsk surgeon Sergey Gorshkov, took an interest in him.

He took Ryzhyk to his clinic, where he began to prepare him for an unprecedented surgical operation – prostheses on all 4 legs. Despite the apparent simplicity, the work of preparing the set was very long and difficult.

The design of the implant is incredibly complex, and the implant itself is made of special, and of course, terribly expensive materials. Even one artificial leg is a huge job, not to mention all the legs at once.

Nevertheless, when everything was finally ready, the cat was fitted with prostheses. Fortunately, the four complicated operations went well. The cat recovered for a long time, then, under the supervision of a veterinarian, he began to take his first timid steps.

Of course, at first, the attempts were not very skillful, the cat was shaking and moving from side to side, and he did not understand what was wrong with him. But over time, he learned to walk and even went out on the streets with people.

He learned to walk the stairs and eventually learned to walk on those artificial legs as if they were his own.

The Carrot-top operation is the first of its kind in history. Even the installation of an artificial limb is a very difficult and dangerous operation, so no one has ever tried to do it, and Dr. Sergei Gorshkov and his team were the first. He also redid the same operation, giving another beautiful cat the possibility of walking.

We are proud that our country has wonderful people like Dr. Gorshkov, who do their job not because they are paid but by vocation. And may the practice of such operations only grow over time, and in every Russian city, and in the cities of other countries, too, there will certainly be such a veterinarian.

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