Cute  »Lampshade  » dogs are behind severe paths of origin

Little « lampshade » dogs Daisy and Kees haven’t had an easy time. The four-legged friends suffer from bad luck with injuries and have had to undergo unpleasant surgeries.

To ensure that the wounds can heal properly, Daisy and her fellow sufferer are currently wearing plastic neck braces, which they would probably be only too happy to get rid of as soon as possible.

The brown and white dog lady was only born in February of this year and has absolutely no desire for the absolute box rest prescribed by the doctor, as the animal shelter Bergheim reports in an Instagram post.

In her still short life, the furry nose has had to endure many a dog misery. Her previous owner gave her up to the animal shelter because she couldn’t afford the necessary surgery after Daisy’s complicated broken leg.

« We not only took over the dog but also the responsibility and made an appointment for her directly at the veterinary clinic, » write the keepers. With a little patience, the four-legged friend is finally on the mend. The situation is similar for the staff mix Kees.

He also came under the knife after a cruciate ligament tear. « He had TPLO surgery and now he’s limping around the shelter on three legs and can’t wait to get rid of that stupid lampshade. »

The keepers emphasize that their protégés not only need a lot of tender loving care and warm words, but also financial support. In addition to the two dog surgeries, the polyp surgery on cat Falco recently tore quite a hole in the animal shelter coffers.

Overall, the medical interventions would have cost more than 3000 euros. « Every euro helps, » the nurses appeal and have deposited the appropriate account details for donations from their almost 22,000 Instagram followers.

« A small contribution from us is out! We wish you a speedy recovery, a user assures his support in the comments. Hopefully, many more will follow.

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