The parcel delivery man loves being photographed with his customers’ dogs

In any job, there are negatives and positives, which are often not obvious. Everyone loves animals, but for Jason, animals have a more special meaning. Jason Hardesty, who works for UPS Postal Service, can take pictures with customers’ dogs.

For Jason, it’s such an honor to work in this atmosphere. He does his work and enjoys it. In fact, it’s more than a hobby – that’s why he loves his job!

It all started when a cute puppy came to meet the driver with the client, Jason asked permission to pet him, took a photo, and posted it on the networks.

The photo received many « likes », then he decided to continue. Usually, Jason leaves packages on the porch so he doesn’t contact anyone living in the house, but for the dogs that run into him, that’s a whole different matter!

He has no favorites, there are too many worthy candidates for it to be easy to choose. Jason delivers many addresses all the time and the dogs are already waiting for him, rejoicing.

Everyone happily poses for the camera. Not a week goes by that the next image isn’t littered with likes and comments! Puppies are always fun, says Jason. The dog was afraid of a stranger and when Jason took him in his arms, the puppy was too happy. So much memories!

The dogs are such a bonus, Jason said. He is happy to have a job or the opportunity to travel across the country and meet different people makes life happy.

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