The dog has lived at a gas station for three years

For three years, a gas station worker in Ukraine observed a dog who had made her life at his gas station. The animal had been left to its own devices all this time and had come to terms with this fate more badly than right.

Finally, the guy decided to give a second opportunity and reported the incident to the « Love Furry Friends » a non-profit animal welfare group. Shortly later, the crew arrived on the scene and obtained a first impression.

During that period, the employee informed the animal rights activists about what he had seen. As a result, every year at the petrol station, the fur nose gave birth to fresh puppies.

Some of the cute puppies were taken away by customers. Others did not survive and were accidentally hit by drivers. The team’s mission seemed clear: the cute stray had to get off the streets as quickly as possible.

But the animal rights activists had reckoned without the four-legged friend. It turned out that the dog lady wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. In all these years, no one has been allowed to touch her, reported a local resident named Alena.

The young woman said that she regularly provided the four-legged friend with water and food. So the problem was clear to everyone: someone had to build up so much trust in the furry friend that she was willing to come along with the campaigners for animal rights.

This mission seemed to be hanging in the balance for quite a while. The dog happily refused to let anyone near her. After what felt like an eternity, she finally buckled. In the end, it was the gas station employee that the fur nose trusted.

The man grabbed the animal and loaded it into the Love Furry Friends car. They had Freya, as they called the dog, checked out by the vet shortly afterward. In the following days, the female was vaccinated and castrated.

After a call on the Internet, a loving family was soon found for Freya, According to Love Furry Friends, in their latest YouTube video on Tuesday. Today the lovable dog lives sheltered in the circle of her new owners.

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