What is going on there? This dog is bright red

How exactly did the unusual animal color come about? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple: Dandelion’s owner simply dyed his naturally snow-white furred. But there is more to the colorful fun than that.

Because while some critical voices speak of animal cruelty in the pictures of the reddish four-legged friend, his mistress has a completely different position on the subject.

On TikTok, young American Chloe runs a channel that she appropriately named « Dan The Big Red Dog ». She recently posted several videos of her animal partner there, several of which have gone viral.

In another clip, the mistress also explains that her buddy, who weighs almost 60 kilograms, would like the dyeing. The whole thing is not dangerous either, because she uses vegan products that also care for the fur.

While some TikTok users complained about the action under the videos, many also defended and praised the red painting of the four-legged friend and Chloe’s efforts for their darling.

For example, one user highlights Dandelion’s health: « He’s a healthy puppy, you can’t see any ribs, his paws are clean. Keep up the good work! »

Many are also calling for Dan to be renamed « Clifford, » because that’s the name of a big red dog from a US children’s book series that’s about to have a new movie adaptation.

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