How a woman saved puppies from death

The summer evening didn’t bode well. People were rushing home after a day’s work. In the small town, many people prefer to walk rather than wait for public transport, so there was hardly anyone at the bus stop.

She didn’t immediately notice the elderly man. He walked at a steady pace, not slowing down, as if he had an important mission. He held a large bag in his hands. At first glance, there was nothing about this man that could make him tickle a woman’s attention, but something seemed strange to him.

Suddenly the woman noticed a commotion in the bag. There was a living creature in the bag – there was no doubt about it. That was the woman’s first clue. A few seconds later, it was confirmed.

A puppy’s head popped out of the bag, then the head hid, and paws appeared. The pup tried to climb out of the bag, surfacing and then diving back into the bag. « How cute ! » managed to think the woman.

The little guy was cute indeed. White in color with brown and black spots. He was a bit chubby. The puppy’s persistence finally succeeded. The legs clung to the ground, but the escape failed. The man, without slowing down, picked up the puppy and put it back in the bag.

Then a bitter thought struck the woman. The man carried the puppy to drown it. This is how unwanted kittens and puppies are usually disposed of, like annoying « toys ». Loving owners carry the puppies in their arms or lead them on a leash, but do not carry them in a bag.

The woman noticed that the pup was not alone, that there were several other equally unsophisticated people wading around with him. They weren’t moaning or screaming or having any idea of ​​the cruel fate their owner was preparing for them.

It turned out that the puppies were not given away right away, they left the small children to be pampered, played with, and then decided to get rid of the small dogs, who were soon to become big dogs. Not fair? No, inhuman! But that’s what’s happening.

« Give them to me, » suggested the woman, who had already been following the man for five minutes. He stopped, apparently not expecting to receive such an offer.

Natasha herself didn’t know why she said that, since she had no place to keep the puppies in her apartment in town, but she couldn’t know that they would drown and live peacefully after that. The words came out on their own.

That’s what happens to people who have a good heart. The man hesitated a little longer, then handed the bag to Natasha. « Only they are four, » he added. Want to know what happened next? Then each puppy found a master. A good, kind, and caring.

Like it should be. And now Natasha is their godmother, who visits the puppies from time to time, even though they are adult dogs now.

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