How to live with a dog with a disability

About indiscreet questions

Questions are asked very often. This is another reason why I prefer not to walk in public places. Passers-by sigh and point, some say « You’re kidding the dog » and writhe at the temple. At first, I answered questions, but now I don’t have the energy to do so.

« There are, of course, those who are sympathetic and understanding. I have met people who say with admiration: ‘You are so good. In fact, I don’t see any particular merit in this, because for me Tony is just an ordinary dog.

If you love an animal, it doesn’t matter if it goes to the bathroom on its own or if you have to do your part. There is no difference between an ordinary dog ​​and a handicapped dog.

The most important thing is that he has feelings; the exterior is the highlight. » « My life has only gotten better since I got a ‘special’ dog. Toni is my personal « lice test », she saves me time that could have been wasted with empty people.

The way a person reacts to a disabled dog can characterize them. If she sees something strange and unreasonable in the couple I form with Toni, it is unlikely that I will continue to communicate.

My dog ​​is my life, my soul, he is part of me. I really like Toni. I think she loves me too, she just can’t put it into words.

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