Not all animals on planet Earth can be domesticated: Many of them are willing to live next to a person

Not all animals on planet Earth can be domesticated, but many of them are willing to live next to a person and even cooperate to the best of their abilities. For example, in the 19th century, killer whales hunted with whalers, skillfully chasing large whales on them.

But today I want to remember another child of the sea – a female king penguin, nicknamed Lala! The world discovered Lala in 1996 when the Real TV channel released a film about her. The penguin confidently walking down the street caught everyone’s attention.

Lala is one of the few tamed penguins in history The story is simple, once a Japanese fisherman took out his nets and found a confused penguin. The bird was injured and feeling guilty, the fisherman took it to shore and began to heal.

The process dragged on, the whole family was involved, and as a result, everyone became so attached to the penguin that they named her Lala and kept her with them.

Specifically, Lala herself didn’t want to go back to the sea. Why? It’s safe here, food is free, and all living conditions. Lala got so used to it that she even began to go to the store herself to buy fish – that’s where the journalists appeared.

A special backpack was made for the penguin to go shopping Lala roams the streets of the city freely, as a full-fledged resident At home, Lala had her own room with a special microclimate so as not to overheat. She has truly become a pet for the fisherman’s family.

Alas, that was a long time ago and Lala is gone, but the memory of the unusual penguin remains.

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