People walked past the kitten lying on the road in the mud, And only one person stopped

A sad yet touching story happened recently on the streets of a bustling city. A woman brought a little kitten to the cat shelter that was on the verge of death.

According to her, she saw him lying on the side of the road. People passed by, some stared for a few seconds, but no one dared approach. The kitten was lying in an unnatural position, covered in dirt and litter.

It was obvious that he had some kind of injury and couldn’t walk on his own. Doctors examined the baby and found no visible injuries. An x-ray also showed his bones were intact. The paralysis was due to an unspecified neurological problem.

No one could guarantee when the kitten would be able to move on its own or if it would survive at all. A cat shelter volunteer, seeing a helpless little cat, could not leave him in the overcrowded shelter and took him home.

The doctors prescribed her a rather complicated treatment, with treatments, injections, and massages every two hours, and the woman followed all the recommendations precisely.

His efforts were rewarded with the first movement of his leg after a week of treatment. After a few months, the baby was already hesitant to stand on her feet, eat and go to the bathroom on her own.

The kitten was named Lincoln. He turned out to be a real fighter, who, it can be said, snatched a chance to live in the clutches of death. But without caring people, this would never have happened.

Six months later, Lincoln looks unreal. It’s hard to imagine that this brilliant cat was on the verge of death not long ago, and that no one was paying attention to it, out of disgust or fear of responsibility.

We want to believe that there are still enough kind, wise, and compassionate people among us who will not be able to override other people’s misfortune and who will stop for good when someone’s life depends on it!

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