Hide his eyes with his paw: the photo of a raccoon caught in the act

The Dalton Fire Department has released an incredible photo of a raccoon in the town of Dalton, USA. In the photo, a firefighter is holding a raccoon and the latter has covered its eyes with one paw out of embarrassment.

Why was the raccoon ashamed? It’s simple: the beast was responsible for a minor incident since it picked the lock and entered the accommodation in a completely illegal way. After all, the crying raccoon was in trouble and needed help.

Firefighters were called by residents who had an unexpected guest in their home. A raccoon was likely looking for food and had climbed into an apartment building in Dalton.

Rescuers arrived on call and took the wild animal with them. And before they did, they took a photo, which became an online hit.

Raccoon is ashamed of his own act Raccoon ashamed of his own act. The little culprit covered his eyes with his paw. Looks like he’s ashamed of what he did.

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