Animal protector saves Maltese dog

Again and again, young dogs are brought to Germany from countries like Romania, only to be sold by alleged breeders thanks to forged papers. The « little tot » that the Bergheim animal shelter presented on Instagram also suffered such a fate.

The little one, who is not even ten weeks old, is now in quarantine at the animal shelter. This is to prevent him from infecting other dogs if he brought diseases from home.

The WDR local time in Cologne followed the incident more closely: Together with the animal rights activist Jana Hoger, they let the dealers hang up. Jana found the puppy on an internet portal where the little one was offered for 1900 euros.

« The sellers want to sell the puppy because they supposedly don’t have time for the animal anymore because of work. Illegal traders often use such legends, » the animal lover continued.

Other excuses are also common, such as a sudden allergy. The dogs come from dog producers, where the little rascals are bred under the worst conditions. The puppies often come to Germany without vaccination and with diseases and are sold to ignorant families.

The animal rights activist emphasized: « It is important that this business does not continue, because rearing, transport, and diseases are usually hell for the animals. »

Internet trade must be banned, Jana demanded. Animal shelters also repeatedly demand: « Do not support the illegal trade in animals! ».

The manager of the animal shelter in Bergheim, Heike Bergmann, positions herself clearly: In other countries, trading in animals on the Internet is prohibited – so why not in Germany?

Many young puppies die shortly after they are sold. So they urgently need to be saved from this terrible fate.

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