They wanted to put the puppy down because he was too shy

They wanted to put the puppy down because he was too shy, but kind people gave him a chance.

A little pup called Odin was brought to the shelter and told by his owners that the dog was unsuitable for them because he « didn’t get along with people at all ».

The puppy was placed in a pen, where there were other dogs than him. Odin, small and shy, felt very insecure. He spent most of the day curled up in a corner and even food couldn’t get him out. It hissed softly and bared its teeth when a human approached.

After some time at the shelter, the dog’s behavior had not changed. The staff concluded that the dog really cannot be socialized and has no chance of becoming a pet. Due to overcrowding, it is common for shelters to put these dogs to sleep. The same fate awaited Odin.

Finally, the shelter posted on social media that the dog would soon be euthanized if no one came to pick him up, and described his « flaws. »

Fortunately, miracles do exist! After reading Odin’s story, a worried family decided to meet the dog. They saw him in person – he was so small, so cute and so scared that they took him to their house.

The woman shared her thoughts that the little pup must have been very scared and may not have been treated well before. She and her husband promised to restore Odin’s faith in humanity and give him a normal life.

And that’s what they did. After just a few months with the family, Odin has grown into a completely normal dog – playful, high-spirited, and affectionate. He enjoys watching TV and running in the garden with his friend.

Kindness and affection can change anyone, especially if it’s just a little puppy, betrayed by someone else.

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