Stranger Not Only Saved Drowning Indian Woman, But Did Everything To Be With Her

Nupur Gupta, a resident of the Indian city of Kerala, was vacationing in Goa while working as a part-time yoga teacher at a hotel. She was swimming away from the beach, but was caught in the current and pulled away from the beach.

Nupur is not a great swimmer, but luckily a Dutch holidaymaker saw her battling the elements. Attila Bosniak rushed to help the girl; he managed to catch up with her and swim towards the cliff.

Aware that he could not get Nupur out alone, he left her in a safe place and climbed to get the attention of the rescue team.

After being brought safely to shore, the victim collapsed on a deck chair, his entire body covered in cuts from the collision with the rock. The rescued girl quickly recovered and decided to thank the man concerned.

She took her first aid kit and a chocolate ice cream and walked over to him. They started talking, and somewhere between the treatment of their wounds and the chocolate ice cream, they felt a spark between them.

They spent the following days together, Attila even decided to take yoga classes. The holidays were coming to an end, but they both decided to extend it for a week to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Attila and Nupur decided not to interrupt their communication when they returned home. They now correspond on social media and after a month they realized they needed more.

Neither distance nor differences in culture and mentality stopped them, and the couple planned to meet.

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