Street cats, which have spent most of their lives fighting for food and warmth

Street cats, which have spent most of their lives fighting for food and warmth, are generally very wary of people. And our fluffy heroine today was no exception – she never let anyone near her. Until disaster strikes.

Meanwhile, Jamie, a young boy who lived with a street cat near his house, was an animal lover. He had noticed this particular cat a long time ago, but all his attempts to get in contact with him ended in failure – he happily ate whatever he brought to him, but he never let him near him.

He had been like that for years and had forgotten how to caress her. But he fed and watered her regularly, bringing her everything he was rich with. But one day, the cat surprised Jamie by suddenly appearing in front of his house, all alone.

He was not alone but with a kitten in his jaws, and she showed him that something was wrong with the boy – his paw was bent abnormally. He quietly walked towards the cat, fearing that it would run off into the bushes as usual. She started to walk away, then gently put the kitten down and ran away.

She must have realized that Jamie was a good guy and that he would help her. And he certainly did. The man took the kitten to the hospital, where he was operated on and his paw was put back in place.

After that, the little cat went home, but was no longer on the street, because he was now going to live with Jamie. The mother cat comes regularly, once a day, and feeds her baby, after which she runs away again. The kitten recovered quickly and seems to be the happiest pet in the world.

Jamie thinks the cat has other kittens living in a secluded area. When they are old enough to fend for themselves and run away from their mother, he will try more resolutely to capture the cat and make it fully domesticated, and he is even ready to go to a specialist to achieve this.

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