A Student sold sick puppies for Caribbean vacation

The dogs were much too young and not vaccinated: A woman was sentenced to two years imprisonment for illegal trading in puppies.

The district court in Berlin-Tiergarten spoke to the 25-year-old on Tuesday of fraud in 25 cases, violating the Animal Welfare Act, and guilty forgery.

The confiscation of value compensation in the amount of around 8600 euros was ordered. In addition, the accused should pay 50 euros a month over a period of three years to compensate for the damage.

The accused acted commercially, highly professionally, and emotionally, said the presiding judge. Between February 2019 and June 2020, the woman brought 25 puppies from Poland to Berlin that had not been examined or treated by a vet.

I caused animal suffering with it. 17 of the puppies died shortly after the sale. According to the indictment, bona fide buyers had paid between 300 and 450 euros for a dog.

In some cases, fake proof of vaccinations was presented to purchasers. The accused spent the money on a trip to the Caribbean and cosmetic surgery.

The defendant had confessed and expressed regret. At the beginning of 2019, she bought small dogs for the first time at a market in Poland. In the beginning, she was with the puppies at a veterinarian. « Then no longer, because many questions were asked, » explained the student.

She spent the money she raised on two trips to the Caribbean and on cosmetic surgery. « I had mental problems with my appearance, » said the 25-year-old.

A police officer said in the process that some of the animals sold were only six weeks old and were therefore separated from their mothers much too early.

A heavily soiled puppy crate was discovered in the kitchen of the accused’s apartment in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. The woman offered the dogs over the Internet and acted with alias names.

The court considered the woman’s confession as a mitigating sentence. The verdict was essentially in line with the prosecutor’s request. The defense attorney had also pleaded for a suspended sentence.

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