Tears fell from the Labrador’s eyes when he realized he was going to be sold

Can dogs cry? According to scientists, tears coming out of a dog’s eyes are more likely to indicate an allergy than mental anguish. It is believed that dogs are unable to cry due to emotional distress.

But then how to explain a video circulated on social media showing a labrador comforting the other by licking the tears from their eyes? Both dogs realize that they are now going to the market where their owner is likely to sell them.

The video was captured by a bystander, Mao Ge, from Henan Province, China. He saw a man placing cages with chickens and dogs on a truck and two retrievers already seated and tied to the back of the truck. There were also huskies and corgis next to them, they were also for sale.

People asked Mao Ge to buy these adorable animals back from their owners, who apparently are very attached to each other. One commenter wrote that he was ready to give the two Labradors a home, while others were outraged by the cruelty of the owner.

The man also received several donations, which enabled him to buy back 14 dogs, including these retrievers. The cost per dog was 800 yuan (nearly 7,000 rubles), and Mao regretted that he could not buy all the dogs this man sold.

Subsequently, a family was found for the retrievers and they took good care of them. Today, dogs have no reason to be sad, because their owners spoil them like children.

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