The adage « Don’t be born beautiful, but be born happy » finally came true

The adage « Don’t be born beautiful, but be born happy » finally came true in the case of a dog whose name was Lucky. Whoever gave the puppy this nickname may have sincerely wanted him to be happy, but Lucky didn’t survive the first half of his life.

He was born with a deformed muzzle. Of course, the breeders immediately realized that they would never get even a dollar for such a puppy, so they sent him to a local shelter. Social workers tried to place Lucky in a home, and sometimes they found owners, but each time they brought him back.

It seemed that Lucky’s case was hopeless and that luck would never smile on him, as he had already been fired twenty times. However, a staff member at the shelter had an idea: he took photos of the strange dog, uploaded them to the internet, and shared his sad story.

This unusual dog caught the attention of users. People consoled Luckily and wrote to her that beauty is not the main thing in life, and happiness will surely smile on her. Eventually, that’s what happened: a kind woman, Jamie Hult, a zookeeper, decided that Lucky should become her dog.

She went to the shelter and did not hesitate to collect him, she wanted to put an end to the misadventures of an unconventional dog who was not to blame for being born so strange.

Thanks to her, the fate of the dog was completely changed. He now lives at home, has been treated for the ailments he has accumulated, and has made a full recovery, and his new mistress gives him much affection, attention, and care.

Lucky now has a cozy bed, delicious food, toys, gifts, and even a new nickname – his name is BoTox. As Jamie jokes, he could do with a little Botox, but she considers his abnormality a special beauty, even if it differs from common standards.

It is true that in his new home the dog is somehow miraculously more beautiful – he feels loved here. According to Jamie, dogs should not be loved for their looks, but for their loyalty and kindness, and Lucky has managed to retain these qualities despite all the adversity that has come his way.

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