The cat at the window. The best pictures

Every house cat’s favorite place (after the sofa, of course) is the window. Of course, sometimes this is a cat’s only chance to find out what the world is like outside of its apartment. But cats that roam outside also like to sit on the windowsill to observe what is happening on “their territory”.

What attracts small furry creatures outside? Is it just the desire for a breath of fresh air? What if the window is closed and there is no air to breathe? Above all, they look for things that move, such as birds, leaves that are blowing in the wind, etc. They must realize their hunting instinct.

Of course, it is difficult to do this remotely, but since we have to live in an apartment, there is nowhere to go…
Sometimes you may even notice your beloved pet flinching and giving a quiet little « meow » when captivated by a picture taken through the window.

He may even rear up on his hind legs or, conversely, crouch down as if preparing to jump. Often the “view of life” ends in peaceful sleep. The main thing is that the flowerpots on the windowsill do not disturb them, otherwise they may be moved unintentionally in their sleep.

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