The cat is lost, its owner has been looking for it for a long time

The cat is lost, its owner has been looking for it for a long time. A touching reunion after 7 years of separation

Cat lovers, when they bring a kitten home, begin to love it like their own child, and can no longer imagine their life without it. And if a cat gets lost, it’s a real shock for the owners.

Such a story happened to a man named Nicky. Her 12-year-old cat was lost just before he moved to a new town. The man was very upset and canceled the move until he found his cat.

He spent an entire year searching for the cat, interviewing everyone, and posting ads all over town, but searches were fruitless. Nicky let go of his hands and stopped looking, but he never left town.

Seven years later, Nicky received a phone call from a vet saying her cat had been found and was with them. The cat had a built-in microchip on which its owner’s name and phone number were written. Nicky immediately went to meet her favorite cat.

The meeting was very touching, the cat hugged Nicky with its paws and Nicky himself could not hold back tears of happiness. He couldn’t believe that after 7 years, they were going to meet again.

The cat was 19 at the time and didn’t look too good anymore, but that wasn’t the main thing, the main thing was that they were together again and that Nicky took care of the cat. Such a wonderful and sweet story.

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