The cat was taken from the street, and six months later, in the morning at the door, people began to find money

Employees of one of the companies found a cat on the street and decided to let it live in the office. The cat quickly got used to it and became his own, and after a few months, people began to find money under the door in the mornings.

Returning to work one morning, the founder of the marketing company, Stuart Mc Daniel, noticed money on the floor near the glass door. At first, he thought someone had just dropped the money, but in the end, none of the employees noticed it was missing.

Very soon, MC Daniel began to suspect that the reason for the appearance of the money was a cat, which the employees picked up on the street six months ago and decided to leave to live in the office.

He often liked to lie by the glass door of the office and could be seen from outside. Stewart thought that people passing by the office might have tried to play with the cat when it was closed.

There was a small gap in the door where you could slip a bill: probably the cat immediately grabbed it and carried it away from the door. MC Daniel decided to test the theory by closing the door and slipping a bill while the cat lay in the sun by the door.

The cunning animal immediately caught the eye and grabbed the bill with a deft movement. The theory was therefore confirmed by experiment and Stewart decided to observe the cat with a camera.

The suspicions were confirmed, one evening a man passed in front of the office who decided to play with the cat by using the dollar. Naturally, in a second, he lost it.

Within hours, other passers-by noticed the cat and the dollar on the ground and decided to play with them too. Within hours, the cat had numerous bills. After seeing how their pet « earned » money at night, Mc Daniel decided that the product should be used sparingly.

He started donating it to the town’s homeless charity in the name of his office cat.

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