The couple noticed the cat’s odd behavior. Turns out she saved their lives

Cats are naturally curious. This quality is sometimes a little inconvenient, but sometimes it can save the life not only of the cat itself but also of its owners. Sandy and Mike Martin, Oregon, USA, took in Lilly, a tricolor cat from the cat adoption team last year and she has proven to be a real protector.

One day, Lilly started acting weird. She kept going to the fireplace and sniffing the gas valve. The landlady tried to entice her, but she always returned to the fireplace. Then Sandy decided to check the valve, according to Fox News.

« I thought it was strange. She had never done anything like this before. I went to the fireplace and smelled gas. The smell was faint, but I asked my husband to check the valve, » – Sandy told me.

Mike also smelled gas, and the couple decided to call the gas company. Company staff instructed the Martins to immediately turn off all appliances in the home and open the doors.

When a gas worker arrived 20 minutes later, he reported that there was a very dangerous leak. The employee was able to fix the problem and the family can now live in peace. Even if something happens, their backup kitten is always there to help them.

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