The dog fled from its owner and rushed to the building, where it found the only surviving kitten

The dog fled from its owner and rushed to the building, where it found the only surviving kitten, who now thinks the dog is its mother. A girl named Heather had a dog named Bunny – the sweetest dog she knew.

One day, their usual morning walk ended with a rather interesting discovery that changed the girl’s life in a positive way. This time, the mistress, therefore, went back for a walk with Bunny.

They walked quietly and calmly for a few hundred yards, then the dog began to spin around the girl with a whirlwind, and suddenly scampered off, towards one of the abandoned buildings. The owner ran after him – she wondered what the dog could see.

It turned out that the dog had smelled a large litter of cats, but there was only one small kitten alive. Bunny gently took this lucky survivor in her mouth and showed her to her mistress. It was clear that the dog was offering to take the baby.

And the dog was not at all bothered by the fact that the girl had three other kittens living in her house, too many for a very small dwelling. But there was nothing to do, we couldn’t abandon the kitten. So they all went home together.

The kitten was named Otter Pope, and Bunny did not leave the kitten from the first minutes. The kitten was fine, but he was hungry and even embarrassed the dog – suddenly he put his hand to his belly and began to poke him with his muzzle. He tried to escape, but he realized he had to be more careful.

Not finding what he was looking for, Bunny fell asleep, and even though the dog couldn’t feed him, he was very hot on him. His mistress, meanwhile, was preparing something for him to eat. After he woke up, she fed him under Bunny’s watchful eye, and the baby’s life quickly improved from then on.

Now, he is always with his dog, as if the latter feels responsible for him (it was Benny who found the bear cub) and does not stray too far from him. The other cats also adopted Otter Pop, but he still has a special bond only with Benny.

While at first, the girl was still wondering if she should keep the kitten for herself, or stop to find his good hands, after seeing this bond between him and Benny, all doubts fell – the baby going to live with them, one more, one less, it doesn’t matter anymore.

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