The family saves crow’s life

No sooner had the young couple heard the birdsong than they set out to get to the bottom of the matter. Then suddenly it saw a tiny baby crow on the ground. The two immediately took heart and decided to take the boy into the house and nurse him back to health there.

« We kept him warm in a container with some newspaper and weed and water and fed him every half hour, » Bryce told The Dodo. The bird, who was christened Oscar, quickly recovered and was soon ready to go to return to freedom.

It was difficult to say goodbye. The young man and his sweetheart had already grown fond of the little crow but knew that it would be better off in the wild. And so, with a heavy heart, they finally said goodbye to Oscar. After only a day and a half, the crow returned to her rescuers!

Excited, she flew onto the terrace, screaming as loud as she could, and danced around the Bryces there before starting to cuddle with them – just as if she wanted to thank them.

A video of the emotional reunion has since been shared on TikTok, delighting more than 3.3 million people. « If that’s not a real joy to see a good acquaintance then I don’t know, » one viewer wrote enthusiastically, while another wrote, « He wanted to tell you so many stories. »

Very special: To this day, Oscar actually visits his rescuers every day and has already become an integral part of the Bryce family.

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