The fox has decided that he is a cat

Four days ago, a fox was noticed on the roof of a three-story house. We don’t know how he got there. The fox looked in good shape and was running back and forth on the roof, balancing on the tiles.

And they are also called the Royal Society. But during these four days, the RSPCA and the Local Council have not decided how to take a fox from such a hard-to-reach place for humans.

He eats the food prepared for her and seems to be fine and does not want to return as he arrived here. In general, there have always been a lot of foxes in this city, which have adapted perfectly to city life.

According to the latest estimates, up to 10,000 foxes are on the streets at night. At the moment, the inhabitants of the house joke that they have already got used to the new neighbor. And in the RSPCA they are waiting for the fox to leave the roof on its own.

We could help him, but the fox looks magnificent. It is, therefore, better, in this case, to let it come out of the roof on its own.

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