The funniest dogs caught on camera

We love our puppies. Life would be a hell of loneliness and sadness without them and no one dares tell us otherwise. But let’s face it, these aren’t the most graceful, sophisticated, and cultured furry fours out there.

That said, their unprecedented stupidity and depression are exactly part of the reason we love them so much.

Speaking of the latter, today we dive into the lives of dogs, aka dogs acting like idiots and having no shame in it, where it’s all against morals, common sense, and agreement. mutual.

Hehe, you’re upside down (said by the dog)

« The reason dog photos and videos are so popular online is that there’s rarely anything controversial about a well-groomed pooch, » Salman explained.

He added that “content often goes viral because it stirs emotions in the masses and photos and videos of dogs just make people happier when they watch them.”

And most of us feel deprived of the feel-good emotions that give us such an emotional boost, which is why dogs become an essential part of that daily solution.

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