The incredible story of the rescue of a frozen dog on the tracks

This incredible, simply magical story of dog rescue on New Year’s Eve quickly gained notoriety and captured the hearts of millions of internet users. It took place on the eve of the 2017 New Year celebrations in western Ukraine.

On his way home in the evening, a man notices a slight commotion on the railway tracks. As he approached, he was stopped by the warning growl of a dog, and the sight was revealed.

A dog, apparently seriously injured, was lying on the sleepers between the rails. The animal’s blood and body heat had frozen him to the concrete sleepers.

Next to the injured dog was another that had stopped a man approaching them with a muffled growl. Since the dogs were large, the man did not dare to help them but informed the animal protection officers.

Volunteers quickly arrived at the scene of the tragedy, but they also could not immediately begin to save the dog. The dog led the volunteers away from her injured friend, not trusting them to save her. But soon a horn sounds and a freight train appears on the horizon.

He approached the dogs quickly. People were terrified and their hearts sank from the foreboding of what was about to happen. The volunteers have already said goodbye to the animals in their minds.

But « Panda », as the name of the male dog later turned out to be, reacted faster than anyone. He rushed to the injured Lucy, pinned her head to the ground with his, and covered the fallen dog with his body, shielding it from the electric locomotive.

The multi-ton iron machine rolled over the dogs without hurting or damaging them. The people heaved a sigh of relief. It should be noted that the traffic on this railway section is quite heavy.

The volunteers were surprised how many times in the past two days, while the animals were on the train tracks, Panda had to do this to Lucy, saving the dog from the train.

Eventually, the male dog realized that people had come to help Lucy and let them approach the dog. Volunteers were able to free Lucy’s frozen paws and fur from the concrete sleepers and loaded the two dogs into the trunk of the car.

It was urgent to take them to the nearest veterinary clinic to provide them with the help they needed. All of Ukraine and bloggers from other countries followed their rescue and recovery breathlessly.

The panda had caught a bad cold during those two days while being cared for and kept near his frozen friend. Lucy’s paws were also taken care of and the dog underwent several surgeries and all the care she needed.

The dogs were taken to an animal rehabilitation center, where they were quickly tracked down and picked up by their former owners, Klara and Istvan. They said the dogs grew up together, were inseparable from childhood, and couldn’t live without each other.

Even now, after their happy escape from the ice and back home, they follow each other like ponytails.

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