The soldier has completed his service and returned home with a new family member

A US serviceman named Cameron Martin was recently able to bring home a dog he befriended while deployed to Iraq, writes People magazine.

The affectionate dog, whom the soldier named Sonny, came to the airstrip where the military was stationed every day to meet his two-legged friend.

One day he disappeared for about a month, but later returned, and since then Cameron and Sonny have never parted. When the soldier’s period of service ended, he had to return home to New Hampshire. The man couldn’t think of leaving his tailed companion alone.

“I will never forget the day I had to drag him out of the shelter to bring him home. As usual, I found Sonny lying in the mud due to the heat. My friend approached him with his truck and I took the dog out and put him in the car. He had his head on my lap.

He was covered in mud, but I hugged him, » – Cameron recalls. The dog flew home shortly before his new owner. Cameron’s wife picked up Sonny at the airport.

The dog was happy to see his friend, thanks to whom he had found a new home. Sonny now has a loving family and constant company to play with – another dog called Cowboy Joe.

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