The story of a kitten who was born with a butterfly-shaped nose

There was a cat in the town of Langley that got pregnant. When she gave birth to kittens, she and her kittens were sent to the streets. On the same day, passing people rescued the cat and her kittens and took them to the shelter.

Pound staff examined the mother and her cubs, which were in perfect health except for one kitten. Unfortunately, one of them was born with a butterfly-shaped nose and half of his tail was missing.

Due to this nasal abnormality, his mouth was also damaged, and he could not suck his mother’s milk on his own. The kitten was weak and the smallest in weight of all.

For five weeks, Marvel (the name given to the kitten at the shelter) was cared for by a volunteer named Shelly. It wasn’t easy, Shelly had to change several bottles until she found one that Marvel was comfortable nursing from.

Always before feeding the kitten, Shelly picked it up and put it on her lap, gave it some milk and the kitten fell asleep on the spot. After two months, the kitten had adapted and had learned to eat on its own, he had gained weight and looked superb.

Sometime later, the kitten found a new home and loving owners. The cat was already living in the new house, and he was only too happy to have a new cat in the house. They became friends from day one and did everything together.

After 5 months, Marvel seemed brutal and graceful, but despite his appearance, he was very gentle and obedient. Everyone was happy with him and loved him very much.

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