The woman carried the egg she found on her back for 35 days.

The woman carried the egg she found on her back for 35 days.

People who have compassion for homeless animals usually come to the aid of any animal that needs help. Betsy Ross, a mom from Visalia, Calif, who often helps street cats and dogs, couldn’t pass up the devastated nest.

She was in the park with her family and her children found a nest of broken eggs in the grass, which must have been destroyed by a group of thugs. The children were very disturbed by this spectacle. However, Betsy noticed that one egg was almost intact.

Although the shell is slightly cracked, the contents have not escaped, meaning there is a chance of saving the chick. She called the animal protection service first, but they were reluctant to take the egg, as they only deal with adult birds.

Betsy didn’t hesitate to become a foster mother for the unknown baby bird. The egg had to be constantly heated, so she placed it in her bra where it remained 24 hours a day. doesn’t make her very uncomfortable.

Her husband and children supported the initiative to save the chick, although they mocked Betsy as a mother hen. Nevertheless, the man patiently warmed the egg in his hands when Betsy went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The woman shared her experiences and photos on social media under the nickname junebug878787. After a month, she says, she started to feel something moving inside the egg and even squealed softly.

The experiment ended after 35 days when the chick finally hatched. He was only able to crack half the egg, and the family had to consult a veterinarian over the phone for help.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the baby was born prematurely. He was very weak and hardly moved. Betsy had to work hard to get him out. She rubbed the chick’s belly with antibiotics, which allowed the newborn to survive.

To the delight of the family, the baby finally got up and started walking. He was taught to swim in a basin, then in puddles in the yard. Gradually, the animal flew away and took flight. It was actually a wild duck chick.

He really thought Betsy was his mother and made an incredible noise when she left the house, so she tried to take him with her wherever she went. He also slept next to her, no other place suited him.

When the duck grew up, the family gave him to an animal protection association, where he now lives. Betsy visits him from time to time and she is satisfied with the state of her animal.

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