The woman opened the trash can and suddenly heard a creak

A woman from Cornwall, UK, walked her dog early in the morning in an area near the former seaside resort of Duport. After a walk, she decides to throw away her trash and goes to a metal trash can. When the British woman opened it, she heard a heart-rending squeak.

Inside the container were tiny kittens. She carefully removed the little ones from the trash before taking them to Sally’s Cat Rescue, a local cat center. According to the staff, the kittens found were only three weeks old and if they had not been found in time, they could not have survived.

The kittens were covered in fleas, but otherwise, they are perfectly healthy. We do not know how long they had been in the trash, but we assume that they had been thrown out the day before, – said Sally.

« If anyone has any information about the mother of the kittens, please let us know. Kittens can even be released anonymously by leaving them at the front door. » – wrote the staff of the center.

A permanent home will be found for them. Many people are ready to take in the little cats right now, but Sally’s Cat Rescue can’t give them away just yet because they need special care and supervision.

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