Three kittens were brought to the shelter after being abandoned by their owners during a move

The story we would like to tell today took place in 2017 in Manchester, UK. The owners of a house decided to move and simply abandoned the three little kittens to their fate.

The poor little ones spent about ten weeks on the streets before being taken in by an animal welfare organization. The shelter was able to carry out all the necessary operations on the kittens: they were washed, fed, and examined for various diseases.

One of the kittens, named Deandra, was found to have a leg mutation that is rarely seen in the wild. The little one had webbing between her toes, like those of a duck, for example.

It was all so unbelievable that a report about these cats, and Deandre in particular, was shown on the Manchester evening news. This program was watched by a man called Michael Cashmore.

He was so impressed and moved by this unusual cat that he instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take Deandra to the shelter right away, but he visited her quite often.

Michael says he was fascinated by Deandra from the moment he met her, even though she was shy the first time he saw her. At first, the cat was very shy. But little by little, she got used to the man. As soon as he could, Michael took Deandra home.

The shelter employees became very attached to the cat and we’re all the more saddened to part with such a rare creature. So they gave Deandra her favorite toy, a little gray mouse, which she had spent her time with at the shelter.

According to Michael, the cat got used to the house very quickly. She often plays with the mouse, which slides on the smooth, lacquered floor like ice, and Deandra is delighted.

Additionally, Michael’s pet loves to walk outside and has befriended several of the neighbors’ kittens. As for its peculiarity, the spider’s web, Michael does not see that it causes any discomfort to the cat, even if sometimes the little one can be a little clumsy.

This is how watching the evening news gave Michael a little happiness, and at the same time gave Deandra a home and love.

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