Ukrainians flee abroad with minimal luggage. The photo shows a frightened cat and a hamster

Netizens were moved by photos of Ukrainian refugees leaving the country with their pets. In the photos, a 15-year-old Lviv resident holds a frightened cat, while a little girl carefully holds a cage containing a hamster in her lap, having only packed her suitcase for the trip.

Ukrainian refugees are evacuating the country, taking with them not only their suitcases containing goods and valuables but also their pets. The net has been flooded with images of adults and children traveling to Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, all holding their cats and dogs close to them.

For example, journalist Cassie Dillon, who spent several days in Lviv, shared the story of a 15-year-old Lviv resident on her Twitter account. The young girl boarded a bus for Poland with her only suitcase and a cat clinging desperately to her jacket.

On a bus with refugees from Ukraine. A 15-year-old girl came up with a suitcase and a cat. The child does not know when she will see her house again, or even if she will see it again. All she has now are the things in the suitcase.

the cat has officially crossed the border into Poland! He has passed through passport control and awaits his final arrival, » the girl wrote. The correspondent’s account features a similar story about a little Lviv resident who took a hamster with her on the road.

The photo shows the girl carefully holding the cage with the animal in her lap. Journalist David Douglas posted a photo of a Gostomel refugee named Inna on his Twitter account. In the photo, the elderly woman gently cuddles her dog, Eleonora, while the animal snuggles confidently to her mistress.

According to the photographer, the shot was taken in Hungary. Staff from the Irish charity Irish Emergency Alliance shared Rocky’s story on their Twitter account. Rocky’s mistress traveled for three days to Slovakia, but she didn’t leave her dog behind, even in front of an overloaded train.

He is now safe and, judging by the photos, happy with his life. But a Dnieper resident had to endure a few moments of anguish when she lost her cat at the train station during the evacuation.

Fortunately, before leaving, the police found the missing cat who, judging by the images, was rather frightened by what was happening. The image was posted by a blogger with the nickname Blanka on Twitter.

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