Uni, Japan’s unique dog who smiles all the time

Uni, Japan’s unique dog who smiles all the time: how his master managed to find out the reason for his good mood. This hilarious dog has already managed to garner a huge following of fans despite his young age, as still a puppy.

Uni resides in Japan and her photos have gone viral on the internet. People love the dog’s positive facial expression, which makes them forget about their problems and look at certain things differently.

The secret of the animal’s charming smile is well known to his master, who takes pictures of the dog as soon as he has everything he needs for a good shot.

The Uni loves food, all kinds of food, and no matter what it is given, it smiles as soon as it is presented with a treat. He likes macaroni, smoothies, and sweets, and he loves everything his master gives him.

The owner, in turn, tries to vary his food so that he is more and more satisfied and seems happy every time he is photographed. On a daily basis, Uni is very correct and good-natured during his walks and in public places. This has been pointed out by its owner several times.

When walking together, Uni never strays from her owner, harasses other dogs, or raises her voice. The dog walks quietly alongside its master and enjoys the fresh air and the opportunity to walk around.

Not all dogs can boast of having received such an education. Normally, dogs are mischievous and as soon as they leave the house they go in search of familiarity and adventure. But this is absolutely not the case with Uni.

The only thing that the dog cannot resist and that allows him to control his behavior is food. When he sees something tasty, he immediately begins to actively show that he doesn’t mind tasting it.

Since the dog is too indistinct in its eating habits, its master must control its behavior when it is in the presence of food, because certain foods can be harmful to the dog’s organism and have a negative effect on its general health.

The Uni is a member of the Shiba Inu breed. These dogs are classified in the category of hunting dogs and have a rather serious character. They are characterized by such qualities as unconditional loyalty and devotion to their owners.

The constant positive attitude of the breed and its similar reaction to food are not mentioned in any description, which makes the dog unique, and that is why it has managed to win the favor of people and the world.

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