Veterinarians have rescued a cat whose temperature had dropped so much that it was impossible to measure it with a thermometer

A very entertaining rescue story takes place in the American town of Kalispell, Montana. It was nothing less than a miracle. It all happened on a winter’s day in 2019. Montana is a state with harsh winters, where freezing winds, snowstorms, and other delights often strike quite suddenly.

One day, when nothing seemed to be going to happen to the elements, a house cat named Fluffy went for a walk. First, it started to rain, and the cat’s long fur got wet. Moments later, she was frozen by the cold wind.

On top of that, it was snowing and snowballs were placed on the cat, which in turn became icy heavy snowballs. Eventually, the cat was simply tied up. Fortunately, someone saw the animal lying in the snow and dug it up, after which Fluffy was rushed to a vet.

Vets said they had never seen anything like it: the cat was so cold that even a special « feline » thermometer couldn’t measure its temperature because it measured no less than 32 degrees Celsius (for those who don’t know, a cat’s normal temperature is 38 degrees).

The poor beast was warmed up with hot water and towels when she had been on the verge of death for several hours. The cat’s long hair is said to have played both a fatal and life-saving role. Fatal because it was the long, icy, snowy fur that immobilized the cat.

And the role of rescuer – because there was enough warmth under his fur and he miraculously survived the rescue. A short-haired cat wouldn’t have stood a chance in such a situation. Fluffy’s owners have decided that their beloved pet will never go for walks again, at least not in the winter.

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