Walkers found a lynx lying on the rails of the railway

Today we deviate from our tradition of writing about usual domestic cats, to tell us about a wild cat – a lynx, which, by the will of fate, got into a difficult, even dangerous situation.

So it all happened in the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Railway tracklayer Coby Reid and his partner were forced to go for the road inspection in freezing and unpleasant weather, so due to the difficult conditions, no surprises arose.

On their way, they noticed something far ahead of them, something that seemed to blend in with its surroundings but at the same time stand out – a small dark speck just between the rails. The workers picked up the pace, although there was still time before the nearest train, and they soon found the lynx.

A lynx wouldn’t surprise anyone in the Rockies, but this one sat imposingly with its paws on the rails and didn’t even seem to be trying to run. The men stopped far away because even though the cat was not big, it was still a predator and could attack, and waited.

Then they started screaming, trying to scare him, to get him off the tracks, but he just sat there and turned his head in different directions. Time passed and the first train was about to pass.

Coby Reid, as the most experienced man on the team, realized the case was a bit murky. There was no way an animal could sit in one place for so long without moving. This means he’s probably injured and can’t run.

The man carefully stepped forward, and when he approached, he realized a terrible thing – the cat had just frozen on the rail, and that is why it was bent so so weird, paws on the rail.

His partner came running up and he and Reed started thinking about what to do. They decided to throw a warm jacket over the animal in the vain hope of having time to warm its paws and release it before the train arrived. It soon became apparent that the idea was pointless, and the lynx took it rather badly.

The weather inexorably thawed, then the idea occurred to me to call the nearest station and urgently call someone with a bucket of hot water. And that’s what we’ve done. A few minutes later, an all-terrain vehicle arrived and by pouring water on the legs of the lynx, they managed to free it.

But even that took time. After that, the animal fled, and soon a train was passing the place where it was trapped, which no doubt would not have left the poor lynx a crumb if Reid and his partner did not do not arrive in time.

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