What was going on in the minds of these children?

Two horrified witnesses watched the group carry out their gruesome act on Porters Park Drive in Hertfordshire, England on Monday (June 20). The twelve or thirteen-year-old kids kicked an expectant hedgehog mom around 7 p.m. and are said to have thrown stones at them!

According to the Daily Mail, when the witnesses intervened to put an end to the horrific activity, the minors verbally abused them. However, the children ran away shortly afterward. The badly injured animal was left behind. Then the police were alerted.

In addition, the hedgehog station « London Colney Hedgehog Rescue » was turned on, trying to save the hedgehog mom. However, the animal was heavily marked. A spinal cord injury, loss of vision in one eye, a broken leg, and a broken jaw were diagnosed.

Meanwhile, Hertfordshire Police spoke out. Officer Dan Hill said: « We are a nation of animal lovers so I’m sure many of you will be appalled by this incident. I want to reassure the local community that we take animal cruelty very seriously. »

Just a few days after the attack, the police had turned to the public via Twitter. Now, after the animal’s death, law enforcement is going a step further: « If they were in the area at the time and saw what happened

or if they have dashcam footage or security cameras or any other information that might help us, To identify those involved, please get in touch as soon as possible. »

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